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Digestive Problem

Food is fuel for the body, and the stomach is one of the most important organs for your overall health and happiness. An efficient digestive system produces healthy tissues, which contributes to the formation of good immunity &  health.

In Ayurveda, weak digestion is known as Agnimandya—meaning weaked digestive fire, which cannot convert rasa (nutrients) to life-sustaining essence of health. In addition to being the causative factor in several diseases, weak digestion is a health problem in itself. Treatment of digestive problems at AyurShakti Ayurved is effective because it identifies the root-cause first, and then treats it with 100% customized medicines, which are specially formulated for you as per individual’s need.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a very common digestive disorder that plagues innumerable people around the world. Scientific research has linked it to stress and worry but as yet the exact cause of the disease is unknown. Irritable Bowel Syndrome treatment in Ayurveda works on both the digestive as well as the mind with the aim of providing long-term relief.

Stress and anxiety, infectious diarrhoea, excessive consumption of alcohol, caffeine or carbonated beverages and continued intolerance to lactose and/or gluten are often responsible for causing IBS.


Inability to completely evacuate the bowels or passing very hard stools is known as Constipation or Vibandh in Ayurveda. This prevalent problem is due to an incorrect lifestyle and poor eating patterns. Although constipation is often looked upon as a common problem, if not treated or if Constipation treatment is delayed, it can lead to further problems such as fissures, fistulas, piles, lack of appetite and indigestion.

Ayurvedic treatment for Constipation another associated health problems such as acidity, is more holistic then other forms of treatment which offers just symptomatic treatment.


Hyperacidity simply means an increased level of acid in the stomach. The stomach secretes Hydrochloric Acid, a digestive juice that breaks down food particles into their smallest form to aid digestion. When there is an excessive amount of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, the condition is known as Hyperacidity. Acidity treatment in Ayurveda is very effective, particularly in cases where the patient approaches sooner instead of popping pills to subdue symptoms. Even in advanced cases, with proper medicines, and by following prescribed diet and lifestyle recommendations, Acidity treatment provides very high relief.


Gastritis means inflammation of the mucus lining of the stomach. Patients suffering from chronic Gastritis feel uneasy and uncomfortable during most of the day, and might also experience a persistent feeling of weakness.

The main causative factors of chronic Gastritis include excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, sour, spicy, acidic foods and white flour products. Stress, anger and exposure to heat also lead to the aggravation of this condition.

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