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Liver Problem

Liver is the largest vital organ in our body, which plays essential role in digestion and formation of blood. Bile juices and enzymes produced by the liver are necessary to break down fats and fat-soluble vitamins. Improper digestion and lack of proper rest, deposits toxins, which later leads to liver disorders. Use of alcohol and drinking contaminated water are also additional causes that increases the risk factor. In some cases, genetic disposition for liver problems is also a factor.

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Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver disorder are of two types alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Ayurveda explains this as Yakrit Roga (liver disorder) and to some extent as Medaroga (body fat disorder) because both aspects are present in this disease. 

Generally, the problem is seen more commonly in men, however, women are also at risk. The disorder is seen in ages across 25 to 55. 

Excessive intake of milk and dairy products and spicy foods as well sleeping during the day are commonly observed causes of the disorder.

Ayurveda provides effective treatment through a holistic combination of herbo-mineral medicines specially formulated as per individual’s condition.

Liver Cirrhosis

Replacement of normal liver tissues by fibrous tissues is called liver cirrhosis. Liver cirrhosis may be considered as a stage which liver reaches after confronting with certain causative factors for prolonged period of time. In advanced stage, liver cirrhosis can lead to ascites, which is accumulation of fluid in the abdomen.

Due to Liver Cirrhosis, immunity becomes low and as a result he or she becomes more susceptible to diseases. Liver Cirrhosis treatment works towards improving liver functions as well as boosting immunity in the patient.

In addition to Hepatitis B, there are many known causes of Liver Cirrhosis such as alcohol abuse, virus and autoimmune disorder. 

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