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Hair Problem

Personalized Ayurvedic medicine for hair problems is complimented by customized hair care routine and home remedy based on the problem. Use of chemical-based cosmetics, exposure to excessive heat or pollution, stress and lack of proper nutrition can create imbalances in the doshas and lead to common hair problems such as premature graying, hair loss, dandruff and baldness. Often what appears to be a superficial problem can have deeper root-causes that may affect your overall wellness. Ayurveda can help.

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Hair Fall

Stress, worry, anxiety, and inadequate nutrition lead to hair loss and premature white hair.  A certain amount of hair loss is considered normal, as old strands are replaced by new. When hair loss is excessive, care must be taken. Similarly, the greying of hair after a certain age is a normal phenomenon, but when this starts in the early years of life, one should look into for remedies to prevent white hair and promote natural regrowth of hair.

Hair specialist at AyurShakti has successfully managed cases of hair fall, premature white hair, and other hair problems with herbal medicines to promote natural regrowth of healthy hair.


Excessive shedding of dead skin from the scalp is known as Dandruff. Skin cells die and flake off, so a small amount of flaking is normal. Usually, the scalp skin dies and flakes off in a month, while in those suffering from Dandruff, this happens every 2-7 days. Apart from being a physical condition, dandruff is also associated with social and self-esteem problems in many individuals. With proper care and Dandruff treatment, you can get relief from the problem.

However, if there is an underlying cause behind it then root-cause treatment personalized for your body type and existing health conditions is the right way to go. To know more consult AyurShakti doctor.

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